Tips for Freshers’ Week for International Students

1. Make your flat mates as your best mates
You may consider your flat mates only as some random people you would encounter in the common area some times. But your flatmate will be the ones you spend time together when you come back home at the end of long days or good days. So make an effort to bond with them. You don’t need to be shy or hesitate to talk to them. They would want to have you as their best mate too.

2. Join many societies
The Freshers Fair on the first week is one of the most important chance in your university life since here you will meet lots of people who have similar interests and ambitions. Join as many clubs (for sport, book or cooking…) as you can. It’s okay even if you only have a vague interest in something. You can develop it through diverse experiences with new friends.

3. Be financially smart
The importance of managing money well cannot be emphasized enough. Everyone has different budgets and allowances. So always try not to be influenced too much by other people surrounding you when you organise your own financial plan. Think about what you want and need, consider all your feasible options, and consider a long-term future.

4. You are not the only one who suffers from homesickness.
It is so natural to miss home when you just started a new life in a strange city. Everyone is in the same boat. But don’t get this is a challenge you should overcome by yourself. The best strategy is sharing your feeling with your new friends who would understand you. It wouldn’t take long to get used to the new environment and new people, and even new culture. And soon you will truly enjoy them!

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