Importance of foundation course for international students

Importance of foundation course for international students

A foundation course is a one-year preparation course for international students who need additional English language and academic preparation for entry onto a UK university undergraduate course. 


As an international student who has studied less than 13 years of non-British curriculum, a foundation course is necessary in order to entry onto a UK university undergraduate course. It helps students coming from different education systems around the world to align their qualification to the education system of the country coming to and to become eligible for university admission.


There are following benefits of foundation course for international students;

  1. Better language proficiency

International foundation programmes always include English language course. (E.g. EAP; English for Academic Purposes). This course help students improve their general English ability as well as academic English skills, which includes how to write an essay, academic vocabulary and so forth.

  1. Increased chances of admission to prestigious universities

Students who completed a foundation course are considered to be fully qualified to start an undergraduate degree in a UK university. Most of the students following a foundation programme are highly likely to get into great universities they wish.

  1. Relevant qualification for future studies

A foundation course provide students with the specific set of skills and knowledge necessary for university admission. This helps students to have a unique advantage over other students. In addition, students get to learn the basic theories, notions and elements of their chosen field of study. Therefore, they will be better prepared once they will start their full degree programme

  1. Reduced culture shock

Surprisingly, a large number of international students struggle with culture shock, including different academic system. During a foundation course, students have a lot of chances to experience the local culture and customs. Moreover, they can get to adjust with the academic environment, teaching system, types of assessments before they start an undergraduate course.








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